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  • I support the Convention of States (COS). ONLY through the Convention of States can we bring about a Constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment.

  • Balancing the federal budget is a STATE issue.

  • We spend more on the INTEREST for our national debt than we do on the Department of Defense. ONLY the states can solve this problem.

  • I believe in free enterprise and private property.

  • No socialism, communism, corporate capitalism, or monopolies.


  • If elected my strategy will permanently lower gas prices. It will make Michigan permanently independent of OPEC or bad federal energy policies toward liquid fuels.

  • I probably have the most environmentally friendly policy among any state candidate.  And it will cost almost nothing.

  • For details, visit my video.


  • We must adequately fund first responders.

  • If there is a J6 political prisoner from our district I will quietly see what I can do to comfort their family and end their already too lengthy incarceration.

  • Violent rioters or vandals must be fined and/or jailed every time.
  • I support universal concealed carry and "Stand Your Ground" legislation.


  • I will support the education, not indoctrination and sexualization of our children.

  • Education should be decided by the local community, not the state or the federal government.

  • Critical Race Theory is itself racist against white people.

  • Bring back shop class to high school. Many good jobs require trade school and not a college education.

  • September 17th is Constitutional Remembrance Day for public schools by federal law.  Let's enforce this.

  • Parents who care about their children's education are not domestic terrorists. They are caring and concerned parents.
  • We must support the 1776 Project.
  • Our universities must be made safe for Jews.


  • To become a citizen, you must be naturalized.

  • Part of the naturalization process of immigrants should include learning the early history of our country.

  • Non-citizens who vote must be penalized and/or deported.


  • I believe that our country was originally established as a nation based on Judeo-Christian principles.

  • I am openly Christian in my convictions, but will show respect to people of other faiths or no faiths whatsoever.

  • I have studied our country's founders and I know what kind of nation they wanted us to inherit.

  • As of right now we are being cheated out of that inheritance.

  • I will work to bring power from the federal government back to the states and the people.
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